Registered Clinical Psychologist

PhD, PGDipClinPsyc, BA(Hons), MNZCCP

Dougal’s experience as both a psychologist and a people leader informs his commitment to enhancing personal and organisational wellbeing.

Dougal has been working as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years and is the CEO of Umbrella Wellbeing. Dougal’s work providing psychological support to workplaces and employees has seen him assist an array of organisations, including government departments and private companies. This work has taken him around the country and around the world, providing help to everyone from stressed-out bureaucrats in Wellington, to victims of car-jackings, to people living in a constant state of fear due to impending missile attacks.

Dougal has a passion for making psychology more accessible to the general public and has worked with the media in print, radio, and TV. His skill at translating expert psychological knowledge into accessible learning experiences contributes to Dougal’s training expertise, and his ability to support individual clients to make effective changes.

Dougal is also an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington in the School of Psychology clinical psychology training programme, where he contributes to the training of the next generation of clinical psychologists.

Previously, Dougal has worked in public mental health services providing psychological support to children, parents, and families. He also managed a large and diverse team through a time of significant growth and change in the business. He is a highly respected leader who brings this deep understanding of people to his facilitation, and now to his role as Umbrella CEO.

“One of the best trainings. An amazing, interesting and insightful facilitator, thanks.”

“Good communicator, very engaging, realistic expectations, not black and white.”

“Dougal was great – funny and relatable. Great level of energy and enthusiasm.”

“Dr Dougal did an excellent job at bringing the subject matter to life and made the session very enjoyable.”

“Dougal was a great presenter who kept the attendees engaged and kept the mood light. Quite funny guy too.”

“Excellent facilitation. Very entertaining. Just the right tone for a serious subject.”

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