Equip your executive team, team leaders and line managers with the essential skills to create a culture of wellbeing at work

Mental Health Training for Leaders

Workshops I Online or in-person

Led by experienced psychologists, this series of workshops focuses on leaders’ core skills to understand mental health and mental illness, recognise common signs of distress and hold effective and compassionate wellbeing conversations with team members. Empower your organisation’s leaders to create a supportive and stigma-free, healthy work environment. Our workshops offer a safe space for discussions and are informed by best-practice research.

  • Understanding Mental Health at Work: Half-day workshop I Online or in-person
  • Promoting Mental Health at Work: Full-day workshop I In-person only
  • Mental Health Masterclass: Two-day workshop I In-person only

Really fantastic workshop. Helpful and I feel I have come away with practical strategies and solutions which will support me as a leader.”

Workshop participant

Boosting Wellbeing in Remote/Hybrid Teams

Introductory training I 60-90 min I Online or in-person

This training addresses the unique wellbeing challenges and opportunities of working remotely. It equips leaders with the tools and strategies to cultivate a culture of wellbeing, understand individual preferences and promote effective work-home segmentation. Leaders will learn practical ways to foster social connections and enable high-quality communication between team members.

Great opportunity that we did this as a SM [senior management] team so we can share and support one another to take action. Loved the interactive approach.

Workshop participant

Creating Psychological Safety

Half-day workshop I Online or in-person

Weaving research into real scenarios, this workshop guides leaders in building psychologically safe workplaces and effective teams. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of what psychological safety is, why it is important for a high-performing team and how to nurture psychological safety through supportive leadership, trust and value-driven behaviours.

Change Readiness for Leaders

Introductory training I 90 mins I Online or in-person

This session supports people leaders to navigate change in their workplace. Participants learn three evidence-based strategies that can help them and their teams to prepare for change and adapt more quickly and successfully. Our psychologists introduce the well-accepted model, the Kübler-Ross Change Curve, which allows leaders to better understand and normalise varied reactions to change. We briefly cover the science of change, how other non-work factors may impact on people’s responses, and how to develop a change-readiness action plan.

Managing Psychosocial Risk

Two-hour workshop I In-person

This workshop provides participants with foundational knowledge on psychological health and safety, and an understanding of psychosocial risk frameworks and assessment tools. Leaders will understand the core elements of Mentally Healthy Work and learn about the ISO45003 Global Standard for Workplace Psychosocial Health.

Introductory Training for Leaders

Online or in-person I 60-90 min

These brief sessions are designed to raise awareness, spark conversations, and provide participants with practical tips for action. Our standard topics include:

  • Shifting the frantic (preventing burnout)
  • Resilience during uncertain times
  • Mental health awareness: An introduction

Bespoke speaking engagements and presentations

Customised offerings I Online or in-person I 60-120 mins 

Our team offers engaging, practical and evidence-based short sessions, presentations and speaking engagements on various customisable topics, including:

  • Leading through change
  • Identifying and preventing workplace bullying
  • Introduction to workplace wellbeing (Understanding psychological safety and psychosocial risk) 
  • Leading resilience in teams

Interested in another topic? Speak to our team and we will make it work!

  • Leading through change
  • Prevention of bullying in the workplace
  • How do I make a wellbeing plan for my people in the workplace?
  • Introduction to workplace wellbeing
  • Leading resilience in teams
  • Mental health awareness for leaders
  • Top 10 strategies to support wellbeing at work
  • Leading wellbeing for yourself and your people
  • Understanding psychological safety and psychosocial risk

“A huge thanks to you for the excellent presentation that you delivered for the NZK Network Leadership Team last week. Your session hit the spot and was first class. Feedback has been extremely positive. People really liked your style and engaging approach. They particularly liked the link to Te Whare Tapa Whā and the examples and explanations that you used. Of particular note were the personal stories that you shared. You certainly hit the brief in terms of an interactive, meaningful and useful workshop – thank you!

Jill Bond, CE

Other ways we can support leaders

Want one-on-one support from our team of psychologists? Enquire about our leadership coaching, mentoring and supervision support options.