Welcome to the Umbrella E-Training Modules

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Hello and welcome. To find out more about these training modules please read below. Or if you're ready to go, please choose a module to begin...


About the Modules

[pms-restrict subscription_plans="4186,4193"]These modules have been designed to equip you with practical tools to build resilience in both at work and in your personal life.

There are eight modules in the programme and each one takes between 15-25 minutes to complete. They are interactive and fun, with individual exercises to help the transfer of learning. Each module has an action plan that can be downloaded to provide participants with a framework and reminders to put the skills learnt into practice.[/pms-restrict]

Who are Umbrella?

[pms-restrict subscription_plans="4186,4193"]Umbrella strives to make a positive difference in the workplace by using our specialist psychology skills to enhance wellbeing and create high performance.  They tailor services for both business as usual and organisational change. 

Umbrella’s tikanga is to bring the science of what works for people, teams and organisations into action in the workplace. Umbrella achieves this by partnering with organisations at three levels:

The inherent interconnections between these levels determine that resilience is not only an individual characteristic but also a group quality.  A strong team will provide an environment that fosters and supports individuals to enhance and maintain their resilience.

We know that people with stronger resilience:

• show greater flexibility and creativity
• see change as less threatening, and therefore are more adaptable
• make more positive judgements about others
• get sick less often.

When combined at the team level, higher levels of individual resilience help the team as a whole to bounce back and to thrive under pressure.[/pms-restrict]