We operate from a strengths based model at Umbrella, which means our team spends time doing the things they love and are good at. We back ongoing learning and development for our team, promoting personal strengths and encouraging our people to achieve above and beyond their personal best, whilst always balancing growth with wellbeing.

Our psychological expertise alongside our business nous means we are skilled at taking best-practise scientific research and tailoring it to be relevant and engaging for different work environments. We have a passion for making psychology relevant and real for people, where each interaction we have makes a positive difference.

Umbrella are currently in a period of growth, to allow us to continue to be successful, we welcome highly credible professionals with a growth mindset as we strive to be a diverse, industry leading organisation.


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Meet our team

We are proud to be psychologists and to share our wellbeing expertise. We enjoy using our business nous to translate psychological theory into practical assistance that matches people’s day-to-day reality.