All workshops are delivered by our engaging psychologists.

Leadership training

Give your management team the tools they need to lead wellbeing with confidence.

Resilience at work

Our resilience workshops provide practical strategies and skills to help people handle daily stress, live well and enhance performance.

Mental health

Facilitated by registered psychologists, these workshops create a safe space to speak about mental health. Participants gain the knowledge and confidence to support themselves and those facing stress, distress or mental health challenges.

Leading high-performing teams

Weaving research into real scenarios, this workshop guides leaders in building psychologically safe workplaces and effective teams.

InFlow Learning

A new bi-cultural InFlow Learning programme by Umbrella incorporating our wellbeing book, bite-sized eLearning and instructor-led training.

“Really great to have a professional learning and development session that offers so many tangible and actionable ideas we can take away and implement in our daily lives. Nice that it was not just a focus on ‘work’ but all aspects of life.” – PPTA

“During the day we had a session with a Clinical Psychologist on managing the frantic for ourselves, thanks to our good friends at Umbrella Wellbeing. We were already on a campaign to cut internal meetings and we’ve just adopted the ‘ten-five’ meeting rule. The difference is amazing.” – Winsborough